TRIỆU LỜI TRI ÂN ( Nhạc & lời : CHÂU ĐÌNH AN , tác giả trình bày )


Special Thanks to my friend Glenn Longacre help me to arrange this song

Triệu lời tri ân là sáng tác mới của Châu Đình An tri ân những vị anh hùng Bác Sĩ , Tu Sĩ, Y Tá, Cảnh Sát, Cứu Hoả, Xe tải… là những người xả thân hy sinh mạng sống cứu giúp thế giới chống đại dịch CoronaVirus.

Million Words of gratitude

Music and lyrics by Chau Dinh An

(To Priest, Doctors, Healthcare services, Soldiers, Police, Firefighters, and heroes who serve humanity, for us. They sacrificed their lives to save the World, fight the pandemic CoronaVirus today)

I saw the gentle mother in the dark night,

sad life, lonely footsteps

Standing on the porch, loving eyes looking at her children.

Then she quietly returned to the place where the pandemic was in danger,

save many patients, difficult difficulties, still make sacrifices. Who is she?

That mother …

The nurse

The Doctor

He stormed his selflessness, saved others,

help others.

If there is also die and accepted

I have seen every hospital, in tears of prayer, filled with tears.

My darling body lies. Broken my heart!

I have seen the whole planet, in the candlelight whisper,

looking up to Heaven

Footsteps on the steps, dark rain like falling tears!




He stormed his selflessness, saved others,

help others.

Before death is gone

Give humanity a word, thank you with countless hearts

Give me a thousand words, thank you to the Doctors, the Monks

Helped the world in danger

Save us in pain

Because death is rampaging!

Covering loving kindness

Oh beautiful noble soul

Love in the heart of love in God

Give me thanks

Thank you

Thanks to us

And the whole world A thousand words of gratitude ..


Chau Dinh An composed on April 2, 2020