Poll workers sort out early and absentee ballots at the Kenosha Municipal building on Election Day in Kenosha, Wis., on Nov. 3, 2020. (Wong Maye-E/AP Photo)

Dominion Confirms Clinton Foundation Donation, Pelosi Staffer Link

The Denver-based firm disputes other claims


November 17, 2020 Updated: November 17, 2020

Dominion Voting Systems has refuted claims about being biased toward Democratic officials during the Nov. 3 election, including allegations about a raid on a server in Germany as well as ties to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) However, it did note that it made a donation to the Bill- and Hillary Clinton-operated Clinton Foundation and did not dispute that a former staffer of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was hired as a lobbyist.

In a lengthy statement last week, the Colorado-based voting systems provider first refuted that it has no ties to Smartmatic, another voting software maker, but it did note that the two firms worked together in the Philippines and said it bought some assets from Smartmatic-linked Sequoia about 10 years ago, adding that the two companies had legal disputes. Some Trump campaign officials made claims in recent interviews that Smartmatic had links to Dominion.

Dominion has been at the center of controversy since Election Day after Antrim County, Michigan, showed Joe Biden beating President Donald Trump before the results were reversed, with county officials saying the error was due to the county clerk not updating software.

Hãng dominion đã xác nhận là họ đã đóng góp tiền vào quỹ Clinton Global Initiative nhân cuộc họp vào năm 2014, nhưng họ quả quyết là “không có cổ phần liên quan gì đến bất cứ thân nhân trong gia đình bà Pelosi, gia đình bà TNS Feinstein, hoặc  là quỹ Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, hoặc bất cứ tương quan gì với quốc gia Venezuela. 

The firm confirmed that it made a donation during a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in 2014, but it asserted that it has “no company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, or the Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela.”

Dominion linked to an AP report that noted that Pelosi Chief of Staff Nadeam Elshami “is part of a lobbying team representing Dominion, according to public disclosures,” adding that the team “includes Brian Wild, who counts Republicans such as former House Speaker John Boehner and former Vice President Dick Cheney among his past bosses.”

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell, over the weekend, alleged that Smartmatic and Dominion were used to bolster Biden over Trump.

Luật sư của nhóm tranh cử TT Trump, bà Sidney Powell, trong cuối tuần qua, đã cáo buộc Smartmatic và Dominion đã được dùng để tráo Biden vào chỗ của Trump.

“We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states,” Powell said on Fox Business, adding that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a widespread criminal investigation. “I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up.”

“Chúng tôi đã sẵn sàng để lật ngược kết quả bầu cử của nhiều tiểu bang,” bà Powell nói với đài Fox Business, thêm vào là bà đã có đủ bằng chứng về gian lận bầu cử để tiến hành một cuộc điều tra hình sự rộng lớn. “Tôi không lên tiếng mà không có bằng cớ để chứng minh lời nói của tôi.”

“They can stick a thumb drive in the [voting] machine, they can upload software to it even from the Internet … from Germany or Venezuela even,” Powell said, adding that operations “can watch votes in real-time” and “can shift votes in real-time,” or alleged bad actors can “remote access anything.”

“We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden, Powell said.

“Chúng tôi đã kiểm chứng qua phương pháp toán học một cách chính xác thuật toán nào họ đã dùng- và chuẩn bị để dùng ngay từ lúc ban đầu” đó là cáo buộc đã tráo phiếu cho Biden, mà bà Powell cho biêt.

Dominion has not responded to a request for comment about Powell’s claims.

Công ty Dominion, cho đến nay, vẫn giữ im lặng và  chưa hề lên tiếng để  trả lời cáo buộc của luật sư Powell, thể theo lời yêu cầu.

Dominion again asserted that claims of voter fraud are “conspiracies” and are “100 percent false.” The firm cited a statement made recently by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which called the 2020 election the “most secure in American history.”

The agency failed to disclose, however, that Dominion Voting Systems is a member of CISA’s Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council.
A voter arrives at a polling place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on March 3, 2020. (Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Smartmatic, in a statement, said last week that it has no ties with Dominion.

Trong khi đó, thì công ty Smartmatic, trong một thông báo, cho biết trong tuần qua là họ không có dính dáng gì vời công ty Dominion.

A contractor for Dominion said in an affidavit last week that she witnessed fraudulent actions at the TCF Center in Detroit.

Melissa Carone said she saw workers count some ballots four or five times, and noticed that one of the counters had even counted a batch of ballots eight times. “I confronted my manager, Nick Ikonornakis, saying how big of a problem this was,” Carone said. “Nick told me he didn’t want to hear that we have a big problem. He told me we are here to do assist with IT work, not to run their election.”

Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.